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06 set 2017

Turnaround Lessons Learned for Going Concern Management Teams

Turnaround professionals work with underperforming companies across different industries that find themselves in financial difficulty. Today’s guest blogger, Jim Wanserski, takes a look at some of the consistent themes he’s seen surface in his work with turnaround clients.

06 set 2017

Understanding the Financial Statement Audit

The accounting profession is very highly regulated and CPA firms that perform audits and issue audit opinions are subject to various professional standards, rules and regulations. Although there is a significant amount of judgment involved by the auditor in determining high risk areas, audit scopes and procedures based on identified risks, the concept of an audit and many of the procedures are based upon rules and requirements from regulators.

02 set 2017

Sell Side Due Diligence on the Rise -  Gabe Lengua, CPA, PKF O’Connor Davies Partner

Seen as something that can minimize surprises and maximize value, sell side due diligence is increasingly being used by owners and private equity groups contemplating a sale. What is sell side due diligence? The deliverable of sell side due diligence is a report that showcases the company and provides the buyer with the pertinent information to make an informed offer. Sell side due diligence can take many shapes – it certainly isn’t a one size fits all model. However, it typically includes the following: Business – including history, resources, opportunities and competitive considerations Operations – including analysis of products and services, IT, distribution strategy and operating efficiencies Historical results and projections including quality of earnings review. While sell side due diligence typically doesn’t replace buy side diligence, it can often reduce the amount of time required on the buy side.

26 ago 2017

Time Management Tips for Audit Professionals 18 Aug 2017

Time Management Tips for Audit Professionals

26 ago 2017

Funding for Food & Drink businesses – what’s on the menu in August 2017?

Funding Grant/ Equity/ Crowdfunding for Food & Drink business.

11 ago 2017

PKF Asia Pacific Tax Guide 2017-18

Asia Pacific Tax Guide

08 ago 2017

Deal synergies – M&A opportunities for retailers

opportunities for retailers

26 jul 2017

PKF Latin America Tax Guide 2017-18

We are proud to present you with the latest edition of our tax guide for Latin America. Our LATAM country specialists have provided up to date information on their respective tax jurisdictions along with significant developments. We have included information for 17 countries in this edition.

27 abr 2017

PKF Desenvolve Programa Criação de Valor junto com a Bolsa do Brasil

Programa Criação de Valor: oportunidade em TI

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