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Time Management Tips for Audit Professionals 18 Aug 2017

26 ago 2017

PKF Hong Kong 

There’s never enough time for auditors. They feel exhausted all the time especially in peak seasons. A good time management skill is essential for the audit professionals to deal with the huge workload.

Time management is all about setting priorities, scheduling as well as goal setting to optimize the use of your limited resource and time. How can audit professionals manage their time more efficiently? Here are five essential tips from Mr. David Leong, PKF Hong Kong Managing Partner.

A good planning

Auditors sketch out the comprehensive and crucial audit planning. A good planning is all about risk assessments for targeting your resources in the right areas. Right people for the right tasks would ensure the tasks are completed at the lowest possible costs.

Improving your delegation skills

Delegation is a key skill for successful middle level managers, who simply do not have adequate time to do all the works. Appropriate delegation allows audit managers to free themselves to use higher value for their time, and preventing a problem of a serious mismatch of job types. The work performance will be improved afterwards. Accordingly, proper instructions are keys to effective delegation.

Good communication with clients

Sometimes, a lot of time has been wasted to retrieve errors when there are confusions or misunderstandings with clients. Some clients could be difficult to please and make unreasonable demands. Hence, making yourself understood and understanding your clients, would mark a good start in client relationships.

Prioritizing your works

Time is limited. Every one of you might understand waking up for work with the thought of having so much to do without having a clue where to start. Audit professionals need to make the to-do list to set the importance relative. In this situation, a “to-do-list” in the order of priorities would help you to tackle the problem one at a time. Quantifying your workload is also a good way to relieve your work problems.

Equipping yourself before the challenges

Lastly, I must say knowledge and skills are the keys to solve problems efficiently and effectively. Filling the procedures and steps blindly will not only slow down your efficiency, and will make your work become a monotony. Unnecessary times are usually spent because of poor judgment and lack of experience. Better judgements at works and built on the foundation of technical knowledge and equipment. 


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